Time to Create


- Adam Lorenz 

‘It’s just a 3 song CD, it’s a single. It’s not a big deal.’

‘It just that you’re making something. You, the critic. The professional appreciator put some thing new into the world. The second one of those things gets sold to someone you’re officially a part of it.’

The dialogue above comes from the movie High Fidelity, a film based off Nick Hornby’s novel- between the protagonist Rob and his girlfriend, Laura.  It’s a love story of involving this local record storeowner, Laura, and his snobbery of music. 

Over the course of the film, we enter the world of self-proclaimed musical scholars employed at Rob’s record store and see how humorously they engage one another through numerous top 5 lists, judging one another’s tastes and the helpless customers who might enter that day and finally how this mentality has invaded life outside of store. 

Rob and his friends exemplify a mindset that has taken root deep in our culture - one of critique.  Ask a person what they are about and often you’ll get a blank stare or a rambled mess of words. Then ask the same person what they are against and hold on – talking points to follow.  We see it in how our news has taken shape, where fact and opinion sit blurred, side by side.  Look no further than talk radio or the millions of blogs, where we are told one opinion is wrong and the other right – be that in politics, sports, faith, music, food, health, coffee…

We could easily now begin to talk about the need for truth, but in many ways doesn’t that miss the point? Might truth actually be able to take care of itself - for when we encounter it, we immediately recognize it?

We see how the Story begins. It begins with the Creator, Who creates. Who then invites the good creation to follow His lead to also… create.  Many who are looking for counter-cultural ways to engage the world they live in and they overlook this simple action and the power of creating. 

But creating is hard.

Instead of doing the hard work of creating, often we adapt something that is already in existence - as if this simple act can redeem an item, more often it is simply a passive-aggressive form of critique. We know deep down that when we create, we are putting part of ourselves out there to the world. That means all sorts of things, from the possibility to be rejected, mocked, and corrected to being accepted, innovative, truly seen and heard. We must remember both are equally as plausible outcomes.

It’s easy to be a critic, to know what you are against.

But what are you for? 

What will you create today? 

Because it’s time. Time to create a new culture.


Adam Lorenz is a rider, a thinker and a lifer. Currently he is pursuing his Master of Divinity at Western Theological Seminary and is a former pastoral resident at Mars Hill Bible Church working with high school students. He writes at www.adamlorenz.net and follow his daily thoughts on Twitter at @adamlorenz.