Tell Me A Story - Book Review


- Jen Wise 

Do you ever feel like someone has hit the pause button on your life? 

Sometimes a tragedy or crisis can sweep into our world and suddenly we feel caught in this new reality. Other times it is far less dramatic: you’ve been working in a job that isn’t fulfilling; you’ve been single longer than you’d hoped for, or a difficult family member has sapped your energy. Either way, the situation you’re in has narrowed your view – this is your reality – this is your life – what’s the use.

Tell Me a Story reminds us to look back – where have we been? What twists and turns has our story taken? What moments can we point to that brought us here, carved our path, and shaped our worldview? What hurts need healing – what memories need retelling. Where do I see signposts of God’s faithfulness and love?

Tell Me a Story invites us to keep going, put one foot in front of the other, and to not get bogged down and overwhelmed with the circumstances at hand. This moment is not the only moment. This crisis is not who you are. This is a portion of your story – live in it, live through it. Your story has just as much a future as it has a past.

Tell Me a Story helps us (re)find our place in the ultimate story of God’s love and restoration of all things. When we can see beyond ourselves to this larger story, it gives our own story deeper meaning, greater inspiration, and clearer direction. Living out this greater story shapes ours in a way that nothing else can. (I wrote about how this plays out in our home here.)

I invite you to walk with McLellen through his story, be challenged to see beyond your current circumstances, and live into God’s greater story of restoration.