Steady Rush Playlist

Three years ago we were approached by an older gentleman at a coffee shop. As young females, we didn't really know what to expect when he said hello and commented on our physical appearances. Little did we know there would be significant weight in his words that followed: "You ladies are beautiful...which means you have a fifty percent chance of doing good in the world." His comment was flattering, unexpected, and challenging all at the same time–and it still sticks with us now. 

At the time, we had just returned home to Boise, Idaho and were ready to dive into our career as a musical duo. The previous year and a half was spent in Dallas, Texas, learning those painful and grueling lessons that come with leaving home and finding yourself in a confusingly foreign place. With those experiences fresh in our minds, we were a little guarded–to say the least. But by the grace of God, our hearts were open in that moment to truly hear what that gentleman was saying to us: that we have the choice to use our beauty in one of two ways.

When starting any type of business, the task of branding is immediately at hand. It's all of those unspoken things that when articulated and packaged, communicate your identity to the consumer world. For young females in the music industry, physical beauty plays into the brand significantly. It is a hot commodity that is most often exploited to the full extent. There is no mistaking it in our culture: beauty is power. It turns the head and can turn the heart as well. If you have talent to go with it, you are golden and your influence can be astounding. So what do you do with all of that power? That is the question that echoes from that gentleman's comment in the coffee shop. 

We certainly don't have it all figured out, but we are incredibly grateful that our eyes are open to see that there is A LOT of good work to be done. There is plenty of music on the radio right now about serving yourself, losing your mind, and running wild as if nothing you do will have a negative impact on the world. We’d rather not do that. 

We like to think and live in a way that promotes life, growth, and positive change in ourselves and in others. In order to do so, we have to know that we are empowered, and we have to know our limits. We have to look outside of ourselves and see the beauty and pain around us. We have to engage in the process of learning and changing as we go. We have to admit that we don't know everything and we certainly do not have authority over everything. We have to believe in and submit to something (or someone) greater than ourselves. We have to focus our energy. We have to put our power under control. 

From that vantage point, we are truly free to reach our full potential. From that mindset, we operate with steadfastness. We connect with that steady rush of empowerment that allows us to see and serve the big picture. Author Rob Bell says this, "If we have any resources, any power, any voice, any influence, any energy, we must convert them into blessing for those who have no power, no voice, no influence." We couldn't agree more.

When we write music, we aspire to communicate themes of substance--hope, harmony, transformation, conscientiousness, lessons learned, etc. Each of the songs that we chose to put on our playlist relay those ideas in some way. Whether it's Ellie Goulding's renewed sense of clarity and empowerment with her lyrics "I feel like I'm dreaming again / I feel like I'm seeing again / I feel like I'm breathing again / I got it under control" ("Under Control") or One Republic singing about living as a whole and purposed being ("Say"), these artists seem to understand the power of language and the ability that music inherently has to impact our souls. Those songs have inspired and propelled us forward over the years. Those songs are powerful. We realize that our beauty, our talents, and our songs are gifts from God. Our ability to influence is not ours to manipulate, leverage, or cash in on. We could do that, but there is so much more--so many better and truer ways to participate in humanity. 

We hope that our playlist will entertain you and spark your soul. We hope that you'll be motivated to promote all of the beautiful and truthful things in life. And we hope that you'll become fully aware of your own influence, and you'll ask, "What should I do with all of this power?"

Steady Rush is a female Pop Rock duo from Boise, ID, that believes music should inspire all that is good and honest in humanity. With Steady Rush, audiences get a two-for-one sound. Combine Kylie Hartman's Blues Rock flare with Molly Fiorentino's Dance Pop sounds, and listeners are guaranteed a memorable show. This unique duo cannot go unnoticed. From their distinct voices to their prominent looks, these two performers complement each other in true yin-yang fashion. Even with such contrasting backgrounds, these young ladies have an undeniable harmony. Before their paths crossed in 2009, Hartman and Fiorentino had each been developing as songwriters. Now as a duo (currently residing in Denver, CO), they channel their individual and shared inspirations into their ever-evolving songwriting process. All of their songs come from personal experiences, and from a desire for mankind to be better. For them, the goal to positively affect the world drives them harder than any other motivation. It’s not about money and popularity for these two, it’s about so much more.

-Molly Fiorentino & Kylie Hartman of Steady Rush

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