Playlist For a Porch-Sit

Ben Capps Playlist Restoration Living

- Ben Capps

I come from a family of mosquito slapping, chicken raising, back porch sitting, kombucha tea sipping, rowdy hymn singers. We lived our summer months on the planks of wood outside out back door. In fact, to this day, when I visit in the summer my mother sets up a bed for me out on the porch. She knows full well that there is a slim chance of me sleeping indoors.

Slow, sultry, porch sits are in my blood. So were the mosquitos.

Porches continued to play an integral role in my lifestyle throughout college and into my young adult life. Soon after I met Bekah (who would later become my wife) I did my best woo’ing while whispering into the darkness of the back porch of her tiny apartment in the summer heat. Our toddler girl would later race around the front stoop of our city home as I sipped cold tea and whispered the rowdy hymns of my childhood.

For me, the summer months are meant for porch sitting. There is something intensely cathartic found in releasing the days worries into a puddle beneath a comfy chair on the porch and feeling a cool breeze cut through the warm night air in mid-June. There is nothing like a good ol’ fashioned porch sit to even out my mind. Especially when there is a guitar near by that might be amenable to having an old hymn plunked out of it.

Music seems to be a key element to this whole porch sitting business. And so, with the warm weather upon us, I give you my porch sitting playlist. A careful curation of both rowdy and slow tunes to really get you in the mood for a good long sit.