Perfect Love Casts Out Fear


 - Linda Lyzenga 

Where do I begin? She asked. 

A friend of mine who knows that I am passionate about the healing path shared with me that she feels it is high time she take a look at her story. She longs for joy and freedom in her life. She wonders where the joy is – why she feels so bound up in shame.

I ask her - what would keep you from stepping into your story and sharing it in healing community? 

Fear, she replies. 

Fear of what? 

Fear of not knowing how to begin.

It’s as simple as this, I reply. Take a piece of paper and draw a line across the page – on the left is the date of your birth. On the right is where you are today. Now, take a pencil and mark off the significant dates in your life – events that are memorable. Events - big and small that come to mind. Dare to take a look at this time line. See it as your story. This is your unique story. All your own. No one else’s.  

Oh. She counters with this - I won’t have much to share on that time line. There are others who have much more significant stories than mine.

Minimization. Comparison. Fear. Shame. These are  things that can rob one of the healing that is offered in the telling of story. 

It has been stated, “I know this to be true: Until a person tells their story, their whole story, they will not be healed. It is only in the telling of these stories that we will know freedom from shame.”

Healing – it’s what I envision for each precious soul. Wholeness. It’s taking that first step on the healing path. Where are you on the journey? Have you dared step out?

A recent revisit of this poem invited a second verse. I'm so very grateful for the ongoing healing path that beckons each of us towards more – always more and still more transformation. Where are you on the healing path? Do you find yourself on a desolate coast or a shore of consolation?

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On the desperate, desolate coast...

A tinkling of fragmented glass

Stunning in its beauty

Brilliant remnants reflect

the Father's love and mercy.

Clinking filaments and shards threaten old wounds...

Bound up in courage-

Perfect love casts out fear-

step across the dazzling devastation

into new found freedom.

Tides of time return…

Sweeping waves of grace and forgiveness

Tumble fragments – transformed edges smoothed

reminders of redemption.

Winking beach glass

Gathered up

Perfect love embraced

on the gentle shore of consolation.


Linda is passionate about wholeness and healing and finds her sweet spot in the role of Spiritual Director.
Married with two adult daughters, who have flown the coup – far from Western Michigan where they grew up, she’s home alone with her husband of 39 years. 

Though a life long learner, Linda never had opportunity to pursue her Associate Degree until within the last year. She hopes to graduate before her husband retires next year and they take off – visiting their kids and exploring the country in their RV. Meanwhile, she enjoys yoga, baking, reading, hiking, and writing. 

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Post Image taken by Luke Mattson.

Design by Jon Wise .