On the Agenda: December

Christmas at Restoration Living

1. Christmas playlist, on repeat.

2. Cut down the tree, light up the tree, decorate the tree, spend countless hours snuggled up next to the tree.

3. Make and decorate gingerbread people with my family. This is typically the only baking I do for Christmas... I like to save all my cookie-eating points for when I go home. (My mom is the queen of Christmas cookies.)

4. Mix up 120 gallons of fake snow for our annual Christmas bash.

5. Slow down, don't get swept away by the season, spend time daily re-centering and refocusing. ( Need a tool? I'm using this.)

6. Drink water, practice yoga, go to spin, juice some beets -  balance out all the eating and drinking of this month.

7. Try to wrap up my 2014 New Year's Resolutions (is it too late to get my wisdom teeth out?).

8. Head out to see Christmas lights - anywhere, as much as possible. <3

9. Christmas shopping. Minimal -phew.

What's on your agenda?