On Motherhood, a Restoration Living Journal


Carissa Woodwyk

Becoming a mother is something many women long for deep within their hearts. Many women begin dreaming and anticipating early on what it will invite out of them, what their children will be like, what they will be like. But for some, stepping into this sacred role filled with responsibility and sacrifice can be a surprise, disorienting.

Motherhood...it can feel unfamiliar and unpredictable, and let's just be honest, hard.

Really hard.Really tiring. Really draining.

But, it's probably safe to say that we all share this deep sense that through this role, in this experience, God is revealing himself to us in new and remarkable ways as we nurture and mentor our children's minds, bodies and souls. It's in this process, in each season, that we have the ability to hear and see and know more of him as we begin listening to and observing and loving our children.

In this role, there is both suffering and beauty.

In this role, there is both giving and receiving.

In this role, there is both doubt and hope.

In this role, there is both failure and success.

In this role, there is both weakness and strength.

In this role, there is both mistakes and forgiveness.

In this role, there is both fear and trust.

In this role, there is both weariness and wonderment.

In this role, there is both duty and awe.

In this role, there is both heartache and redemption.

This role invites both change and transformation, yet change never comes without loss. 

This 14-day journal is about acknowledging our realities as mothers, the really hard parts and the stunningly beautiful parts. It's about what it means to embrace all of us, so that we are able to embrace all of our children. It's about what it means to trust...God, who he created us to be, and cultivate that kind of trust within our children.

May you come to find more of yourself, more of your children, more of God.

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Carissa Woodwyk is a writer, speaker, marriage and family therapist, and advocate for the human heart. She is also the co-author of Before You Were Mine: Discovering Your Adopted Child's Lifestory. She and her husband have two children and live near Grand Rapids, MI. Catch up with her Carissa on herblog and facebook page.