Life After Art - Book Review


- Jon Wise

As the parents of two elementary aged boys, my wife and I see an staggering amount of our children’s art come home on a regular basis. It seems to multiply overnight on the countertops or the fridge front. Each piece is the next masterpiece, full of creativity and pride. I’m often awed by the insights, humor and genius that these works of art have hidden in the shapes and colors on the page. 

In Life After Art, Matt Appling (an elementary school art teacher), observes that we are all created to create. Born creators, we slowly loose the drive, generosity and confidence in ourselves to express ourselves through art. 

Through his real-world experience, personal stories and research, Matt encourages us (and the Church) to embrace the stifled or dormant creativity in our everyday lives. Doing so helps us fulfill our purpose to create and rejoice in beauty, one our core values here at Reatoation living.

Be sure to journey with Matt through his observations, encouragements and challenges to recapture the creator we were meant to be. 

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