It's Ben!

Ben Capps on Restoration Living

Hi! I’m Ben.

I’ll be hanging around this space on the internet for the next few months and I’m so thankful that we get to cross paths here.

I’m a husband and a dad of two. I’m also a desperately hopeful thinker and a living entanglement of convoluted hobbies. It’s complicated. After growing up in Ohio and spending years living in Minneapolis, my family and I now live on the mainline of Philadelphia where I wrangle our children, work as a college minister and hurl words at the internet from time to time. My wife and kids are exceptionally cooler than I.

I spent most of my twenties traveling, passively attending grad school (Bethel Seminary, M.Div) serving my friends, housemates and neighbors copious amounts of coffee, growing out my beard, and planting three wildly unsuccessful urban gardens. I am now attempting to settle into the long journey of family, vocation, Christian spirituality and hospitality. I’m hoping my gardens will have more success in this season of life.

My thinking and writing tend to lie in the crosshairs of spirituality, theology, and everyday life. This is home base for me. I’m also fairly inspired by a well crafted cup of coffee, a thoughtfully curated playlist, my children, farmers markets and day hikes. These other topics tend to seamlessly ooze their way into most conversations I have.

I’m thrilled to be engaging with the Restoration Living community for this bit of time. I hope we get to chat here on the blog or on some other form of online social engagement tool. You can catch up with me on Twitter or Instagram at @bencapps. I also blog a bit over at