Halloween Block Party

Reasons I don’t like Halloween: the ugliest color combination, loads of sweets, tacky decorations, scary versions of every kids’ show, dropping a million dollars on costumes, and on and on and on.

Yet, in recent years I’ve embraced this horrible holiday in part because it’s fun for my boys, but also because it’s a built in excuse to gather your neighborhood. On Halloween night we roam, house to house, with a gaggle of neighboring families… usually a few extras grafting into our group and becoming a part of the camaraderie. The kids greet everyone with a hearty ‘trick or treat!’ while we take the chance to finally greet the faces behind usually-closed doors.

In addition to Halloween night, we take the opportunity to gather everyone an evening beforehand for an old-fashioned block party. I know what you’re thinking—you’d love to, but you’re busy and making intricate pumpkin shaped treats is not on your schedule. WORRY NOT. Just pass out some invitations, ask everyone to bring a treat or activity to share, and boom: instant party.

One year we had a science teacher perform an experiment, another neighbor hid prizes around the block for a scavenger hunt, others brought treats and drinks, one family walked their fire pit over, and we played a movie on the neighbors brick wall. The kids had a blast, it required little effort from the adults, and everyone had a great time.

To help you on your way, we’re giving away a free printable invitation for you all—just fill in your basic info, deliver them on foot, and let the magic happen. You’ll be so glad you did!

FREE invitation template Halloween Block Party