Restoration Living

Each Sunday morning our church walks through a time of confession. Before we spend a few moments silently confessing (and wow, isn't that needed) we pray, aloud, a prayer of confession. This week I found this prayer especially compelling - I had to share it. I hope we'll let this sink deep and shine light into the corners of our hearts this week. 

Righteous Father, we who own more than we use, proclaim more than we experience, and request more than we need, come asking your forgiveness.

We seek your salvation, then act like we save ourselves. We beg your forgiveness, then repeat our errors. We experience your grace, then act defeated. We rely on your power, but only in hard times. We have become confused and misguided.

Forgive our every defection. Bring us to an unbroken commitment and a steady trust, through Jesus Christ, who is the way of hope, the truth of God, and the life of love, now and always. Amen.