Citrus Beet Juice

- Jen Wise

A few weeks ago while in the car my oldest son made a confession. After he prepped me with a lot of, “I’m really sorry” and “I don’t mean to offend you,” I was on the edge of my seat. What was this big confession? What could be so upsetting?

Then, he laid it on me, “Mom, I don’t like beets.”


This moment highlighted two things: 1) just how sweet he is and, 2) just how much I am obsessed with beets. It’s true–I love them. A Lot. The taste, the insane color, the versatility… need I go on?

This juice recipe is very simple and very satisfying. Truthfully, my juicing happens in spurts. I juiced solidly through December and January (when I took this photo—juicing isn’t the only thing I’m behind on) and then February has been a bit of a wash. Still, this is one combination that I find myself craving and always come back to.

For those of you who don’t share my beet love, you can still give this quick recipe a try. Just go heavier on the oranges and lighter on the beet. Maybe you can ease into appreciating that earthy goodness, and when you do I'll introduce you to my favorite beet pasta, beet salad, and beet cake. xo

Citrus Beet Juice

1 beet, rinsed and scrubbed

4 juice oranges

*Adjust quantities based on size and quality of produce, and to taste.