Bread & Wine


 - Jen Wise

This past weekend our good friends Ally and Darrell joined us for a sweet, relaxed dinner. Hands down, this is one of my very favorite ways to spend an evening. There is something life giving about stealing away for a bit to just be with one another.  When we linger around the table defenses lower, hearts open, and stories pour out. In these moments we connect in a way that is often impossible in the hustle of our routines - we are vulnerable in a way that isn’t always allowed in today’s driven culture.

Shauna Niequist celebrates these moments in her ‘love letter to life around the table’. Bread and Wine invites us to the table –to share our time, our home, ourselves. On top of that, it invites us into the experience with recipes delicious enough to savor, and simple enough to make hospitality a breeze. 

We chose several recipes from the book to complete our weekend dinner. We paired the Maple Glazed Pork Tenderloin with a Simple Risotto and mixed greens with vinaigrette. The meal was truly satisfying and a cinch to create. For both the glaze and the vinaigrette I used one of my favorite balsamics from Fustini’s. (I can’t live without the Cinnamon Pear and Espresso flavors – order now, thank me later).

I couldn’t resist adding on the Goat Cheese Biscuits – who could? I sampled one straight out of the oven… which quickly turned into ‘sampling’ three. Yes, that good. If you have an aversion to pastry cutters (like I do) you can easily whir these biscuits together in a food processor using the same method as these scones.

To finish in a sweet spot we made the Simplest Dark Chocolate Mousse… and true to it’s name it was about as simple as it gets. This is definitely a rich dessert, but for my chocoholic husband it was perfection. 

Enjoy some of our evening below, and grab Shauna’s new book here.