Sitting Long in the New Year

january RL

With January underway I look around and wonder how everyone is feeling.

There’s so much expectation with the New Year. I tend to really build it up in my head… “It’s a fresh start… for my career, my family, my health, my home! I’m going to seize the day! I’m going to be SUPER ME!” And I know a lot of you have a similar inner dialogue.

But then life plays out, and a series of unfortunate events saps more time than you have to offer… and your husband gets sick… and your dog pukes all over your new rug. And it may be little things, but you start to lose hope that anything will ever change, that YOU will ever change.

Today is Epiphany Sunday. We celebrate the announcement of the Messiah. And I wonder, how those first followers felt. I imagine them to be all, “It’s the savior! The Messiah! Carpe Diem!” ... But then life plays out. Heading toward the cross there’s loads of persecution, and zero glamour.

I recently stumbled upont this quote: “Patience to wait does not come from suffering long for what we lack, but from sitting long in what we have.” 

As we enter this season of epiphany, may we sit joyfully in all we have in him, and hold on to hope that he is at work in all of this, and in all of us.