Saturday Morning Playlist

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-Bryan Guthrie

So much life happens on Saturday… Little League games, birthday parties and garage sales. For the last decade though, Saturday has been a day in the office for me. A long day to be sure, especially when it meant missing my kids soccer games, neighborhood block parties and friends weddings. I knew working on Saturdays was draining on me but I didn’t know how much until…it ended.

After over ten years of working every Saturday my schedule has changed. Suddenly I feel more connected to my family, to the neighborhood, to my friends and even myself. It’s been one of the single best things that ever happened for my soul. Some might call it Sabbath and it has truly been restful and rejuvenating. I’m reconnecting to myself and to the world around me in ways I didn’t even know I needed.

One of the first things I do as soon as I role out of bed is turn on music. Quietly at first, as I let the dog out and start boiling water for the coffee press. My son Jack rolls out first and asks me if I’m making waffles again. “It’s Saturday Jack”, I reply, “of course I’m making waffles!”

Kate, our daughter stumbles down the hallway with her long blond hair covering her eyes. She nods hello and heads to the master bedroom to cuddle with my wife Tara for a bit. As soon the coffee is ready the first batch of waffles hit the iron. Tara makes some bacon, Kate helps with the eggs, Jack pours the orange juice  and gets the table set. I turn the music up and communion begins.

Saturday morning. I didn’t know how much I needed you!

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Bryan Guthrie has served as the Creative Arts Director at Whittier Area Community Church in Southern California for the last 12 years. He graduated from UCLA with a degree from the school of Theater, Film and Television and is passionate about integrating faith, art and culture. Bryan was married to his wife Tara in 2001. They have two children and a chocolate lab.

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