4 Prayers for 2013 (Free Printable Resource)


- Jen Wise

Resolutions… I find them a bit daunting, don’t you? It feels like a lot of pressure. Think of something meaningful. It shouldn’t be too cliché. Let’s not be too shallow either. Is there something easy enough to have staying power… that will still transform my career, outlook, appearance, health, relationships, etc.? What takes precedence this year? I just don’t like this game. 

Still, the rhythm of seasons, the mood of advent, and the coming ‘fresh start’ get us mulling. I did a lot of mulling last month – evaluating how I spend my time, the condition of my relationships, the trajectory of my life, our life… by mid-month I had identified 4 questions that I needed to spend some time with. Whether you’re a resolution person or not, I invite you into a little mulling of your own as we begin the New Year. 

1. What do I need to hold on to?

What habits, values, relationships, or commitments are important to you? Is there anything you treasure that is in danger of slipping away? What should you place a higher priority on?

2. What do I need to release?

What’s hurting you – what’s holding you back? Over-commitments. Destructive relationships. Unhealthy habits. Thoughts, attitudes, fears. Insecurity. Let it go.

And while you’re at it… take a look at anything that doesn’t align with your top values – anything that takes focus from your calling in this season of life. It’s not necessarily wrong, but if it’s not ‘right’ for right now, let it go. 

3. What do I need to offer?

What part of you should you extend to others, to the world? What are your unique talents, traits, gifts or resources that could build into your family, neighborhood or community? Don’t be shy to acknowledge that you have something to offer… and then get creative about pouring it out. 

4. What do I need to receive?

What are your hurts? What are your insecurities? Do you need wholeness? Healing? Confidence and security? Love? Guidance? This may be the hardest to answer of the four questions… sit with this one. Pray, reflect, listen. 

Tuck away with these questions. Mull on them. Pray through them. Grab a journal, a scrap of paper, or download our handy printable and record your thoughts. Here’s to a bright, focused, flourishing New Year!

Follow the link to a free download of your own 4 Prayers for 2013.