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Jon Wise 

I spent much of last year thinking about time. Thinking about how quickly life goes. Thinking about how time can simultaneously be this horrible and yet glorious container for the moments of our life. 

I also was thinking about God. How he sees us, me, and passes in and out of time like a man walks through an art gallery. How all at once he can be with me in a difficult (or joyous) moment and look across the exhibit floor and cheer the birth of my children and look down the hall and see my children's children playing. 

The moments we have are a gift marked out in time. Colored by relationships and flavored with the life that surrounds us. Each moment is a gift from God. This understanding presents itself as a challenge. A challenge to be present. A challenge to slow down. A challenge to be here. With these people. With that blue sky. A challenge to build a relationship with now.

May we live restored lives by making room in our minds, hearts and homes for the beautiful moments of life to flourish as the gifts they were meant to be.


Jon is a worship leader and creative director in Minneapolis. He lives with his wife, Jen, and their two sons. Be sure to follow Jon on twitter, friend him on facebook or check out his website. Jon shot and edited this short film with music provided by Elskavon.