TRIGGA - Artist Highlight


Socheat Chum, better known as TRIGGA, is a Cambodian American hip-hop artist from Saint Paul, MN. Growing up in the inner city, TRIGGA was involved with gang activity from a young age. He dealt with addiction and violence, coming face to face with death many times. TRIGGA embraced that lifestyle and glorified it in his music. Over time he became mentally trapped with no regard for others, fostering an angry spirit that brought hurt and heartbreak everywhere he went. He was depressed and knew he needed to make a positive change for the sake of his family, but had nowhere to turn. He needed something new, something different. With a Buddhist background and an open heart, TRIGGA took a chance and began attending a Christian church. Over time he grew to understand Jesus’ purpose on the cross and God’s love that was expressed there. He accepted Christ into his life and started to feel a divine change in his state of mind. His entire outlook on life was transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ. His music has been transformed as well. His craft and writing skills are still influenced by rap and spoken word. But now his past experiences are providing a platform to share a positive message of hope and truth. His music aims to glorify God rather than himself. As TRIGGA continues to spread the Gospel through his music he also serves as a youth leader at his church and speaks at youth programs throughout the inner cities and surrounding suburbs. His solo debut album, Broken Road to Paradise, is currently in production.