Let’s Go Driving Through Walls Together!


- Dawn Richardson

“Praying for a baby dead in the womb to come back to life made sense. It was a response born of twenty-seven years of travelling with my wild and crazy, impossibility-defying Best Friend. A lot had happened in those twenty-seven years leading up to that fateful moment in Bethlehem, Israel.”

That’s the first paragraph of my book, “Driving Through Walls.” It’s a hand reaching through a keyhole, beckoning, and then pulling you into a grand adventure of epic, life-transforming proportions. That’s my book. It’s an adventure. It’s an invitation to dream bigger, hope higher, and do the impossible. 

It took 22 months to write that precious book, and 29 years to live it. The book is the story of my life, from chronic depression and demonic visitations as a child, to a lovesick passion for the Middle East, and through the three years I lived in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Those years in Israel were chipmunk-cheek-stuffed with miraculous provision, Muslims falling in love with Jesus, harrowing adventures, healings, and great impossibility-defying gifts from God. 

God invested His love in my life. Now, I, in turn, get to invest that same love in others by telling my story, ultimately written by THE Author Himself. It’s a huge honor and I am positively thrilled to hear all of the great testimonies of people being transformed, newly set ablaze for their destinies, and charged with hope upon reading, “Driving Through Walls.” This way, we all get to drive through walls together. What fun!

To read reviews of, “Driving Through Walls” go here: http://tinyurl.com/dtwreviews

To order “Driving Through Walls” go here: http://tinyurl.com/throughwalls

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Dawn Richardson is overflowing with outrageous hope. She’s also 32 years old with three Master’s degrees: Religion, Counseling, and Middle Eastern Cultures and Religions. She taught at a community college in Massachusetts before living in Israel/Palestine three years. Then she completed two years at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. She is the author of two ebooks available here. She’s madly in love with Jesus and passionate about the Middle East. She also loves austere poetry, outlandish creativity, and evenings full of laughter. You can keep up with Dawn on her website, read more of her thoughts on her blog or follow her on twitter@hopeiraq.