Dream Factory


- Allison Sobolewski

I never really thought about this enough to write it down.. 

but as a creative, I have two directions.

I create for myself.

I create for someone else.

Someone else. (especially advertising). 

It's pushing myself to be able to create on demand. 

There's no rhythm or routine to concepting.

I never do exactly the same thing in order to reach a concept.

& sometimes, I don't reach a concept. 

That's the hardest part of creating for someone else.


Failing is one of the hardest things to be comfortable with.

Especially working for and with other creatives. 

We're all critical & we're all harsh. 

(You have to separate yourself from the paper.

They're telling you the piece of paper you showed them sucks, 

they're not saying you suck).

I've been in this environment for a while, so I’ve developed thick skin.

Sometimes I wonder if it's almost too thick.

Working as a creative is draining.

It's hard to keep my head up sometimes.

It's nothing you can memorize and repeat.

You either have it, or you don't.

and when you don't - you feel like you never had it.


This is my escape. 

This is where I learn most about creativity. and most about myself.

This is routine. but I always move in the same pattern.

I love emotions. I create freely based off of them.

I push myself down to a low place & I absorb everything around me.

When you're that low, you feel every emotion around you move.

I take in music, lyrics, poems, sermons, comments, everything.

because I love to feel.

and then I create.

This is where I drag myself back up onto my feet.

I create from a low spot and build back up. 

Every time. 

It's self-reflection—

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Allison Sobolewski is a Masters Candidate in Art Direction at the VCU Brandcenter. She works as a freelance designer and consultant with corporations and nonprofits across the country. An adventurer and artist from Traverse City, MI, Allison currently lives in Richmond, VA. For creative insights, design consults and musings, follower her on Twitter @alliski