Fulfilled Promises


- Dawn Richardson

"The succulent, savory taste of fulfilled promises is better than the stale stuff you could have settled for. God's best is worth the wait."

That’s a statement I made months ago, which has gained notoriety among my friends. It has become quotable, and for good reason. We’ve all got dreams and we are all waiting. Many dreams have been fulfilled gloriously. Then there are those which still rumble in our tummies – like a distant hunger which no present meal can satisfy. We were born to dream. God is the Ultimate Dreamer. And we are made in His image. 

So, we dream. We hope. We wring out another overflowed toilet of experiential disappointment from our raggedy washcloth, and we move on. Sometimes we are hurt. It feels like our trust muscle has been far too overworked for far too long – like being in the gym day after day to build one’s biceps, but not taking a substantial rest between workouts and thereby eventually injuring the muscle. And then there’s the recovery time.  The recovery of wounded trust is similar. 

Personally, I got engaged two months ago. I’m 32. I waited quite a while for that dream to be realized. In the journey I got jaded, believing the lie that God cared more about other areas of provision in my life than he did about the provision of a husband. This was especially severe in the three months before I entered into a relationship with my fiancé, Neel. I accused God. I cried, on a barstool in my kitchen to my flatmates, I let out the pain, confusion, and weariness. Ironically, I knew by the Spirit it was time for my husband-to-be to materialize as such – and I responded to this seeming contradiction of God’s voice and my experience with anger and deep discouragement. I think the choice was mostly mine. I need to better learn how to strengthen myself in the Lord and remain over my circumstances rather than under them.

The extra irony is that my fiancé and I came together when he edited my book, “Driving Through Walls: My Supernatural Journey of Hope,” and fell in love with me therein. In the midst of God fulfilling another promise, that of having my book published, He brought forth my husband. If only my cantankerous thoughts had seen that one coming!

Now, months down the road of hope, I am wholly in awe of God’s faithfulness and the depths to which He knows me. He has given me the man of my dreams, and the man of His dreams. God was purposefully knitting together a gorgeous quilt of a story, adding details He knew I would love, and making the fabric sturdy and ready for the rapturous, wild journey ahead. I am glad I didn’t settle for another way, another person, another belief system. This provision is the feast my soul has longed for all my days. 

Today, lift your hopes. The fulfillment of promises is coming.

Again, as a friend recently quoted me, “The succulent, savory taste of fulfilled promises is better than the stale stuff you could have settled for. God's best is worth the wait.”  

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Dawn Richardson is overflowing with outrageous hope. She’s also 32 years old with three Master’s degrees: Religion, Counseling, and Middle Eastern Cultures and Religions. She taught at a community college in Massachusetts before living in Israel/Palestine three years. Then she completed two years at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. She is the author of two ebooks available here. She’s madly in love with Jesus and passionate about the Middle East. She also loves austere poetry, outlandish creativity, and evenings full of laughter. You can keep up with Dawn on her website, read more of her thoughts on her blog or follow her on twitter@hopeiraq