The Floors of My Life


- Andrew Ries

Maybe you're not like me. Maybe you always explore life. Investigate the nooks and crannies that are everywhere. Or maybe you are burdened, busy with life. Stressed with the heavy load that we’ve allowed to influence our thoughts, blind our eyes.

The floors of my life is a small challenge I made to myself. A discipline I sometimes adhere to that helps me stop, look and wonder at the life I am fortunate to live. 

Everywhere I go is an adventure, a story to be told. Each footprint an image. Often i’m too busy to stop, pause and enjoy the beauty that we're too distracted to recognize.

These photos are an attempt to make me stop, wonder, delight in the beauty that I all too often miss. Seriously. Stop and look at what is under you feet. I bet there is an image to capture, a story to be told.

I have been lucky to travel to some interesting places over the past year but it is the normal, sometimes boring steps in life that have brought me to most beautiful images.  I'm thankful for all of them. 






Treasure Hunt




There Is A LightStop and Sit A While


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