Prepare Your Heart

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- Roy Cochran

Let every heart, prepare Him room . . . It’s a significant line that most of us know by heart, but somehow seems to get buried between bigness of JOY TO THE WORLD! and Heaven and Nature SING! And you must SING that line three times.

In this time known as Advent, expectation and anticipation is the atmosphere that seems to resonate in my spirit. Expectation and anticipation are just current words for what we would call faith.

Joy to the world the Lord is come. Let earth receive her King. How can I live in the truth of this statement with expectation and anticipation? Joy has been imparted to me and has become my state of being because Jesus has come and made Himself accessible to me. The opportunity – the hope – the desire of God is this, let Roy or (insert your own name here) receive his/her King. Have you ever purchased a gift for someone and it didn’t make it to them? Total bummer they didn’t receive your expression of love. A gift isn’t fully alive until it is received. 

Let every heart, prepare Him room. Easier said than done. When my family moved into our current home, I was SO excited to finally get a 2 car garage! I had BIG plans for that garage. What it has become is a place to put or store “stuff” that doesn’t really fit in our home but that we still value. I have planked the rafters and we now have an attic in our garage for the valuable stuff that doesn’t fit in our house but that we can’t let go of. Now, we’re not hoarders or anything on that level. It’s just life gets full and we have kids and they have stuff and where do you put a drum kit, etc. I think at times, if I’m honest with myself, I put Jesus out in the garage. Let every heart, prepare Him room. I have found that making room for Jesus in my heart – the place of my values & desires, requires me to throw some things out, or at least move them out to the garage! You just can’t ADD Jesus to your already full life. 

The other challenge to this is that Jesus is invisible! Our faith is a mystical, radical faith and it is being lived out here in America in a rational, practical environment, which at times has even invaded our house of worship. I had a mentor in my life for close to 17 years, an older, wiser, simpler man of God. I cannot think of anyone else who lived in such an awareness of the nearness of God. When I would come over to his home to talk and to pray and to just breathe on Wednesday mornings he would pull out a third chair for Jesus. It was to remind us both not to just talk about Jesus, but to include Him in our conversation, to actually stop and wait for Him to answer. This can be a tad awkward . . . at first. It would be rude if we talked about someone who was sitting right here with us, about what He would do, what He thought, what He meant, how it applied to us and never give Him a chance to join the conversation. He was simply making room for Jesus, both where we were sitting and in our conversation. 

Little weird you might say. What was the last thing Jesus said to you or showed you? I would venture a guess that it was in the context of you preparing Him room – a time of worship, bible devotion, a prayer walk, a time of solitude - something you set-aside just for Him. 

My prayer for you in this time of Advent, of expectation and anticipation is that you somehow, in the midst of this busy season, pull out an extra chair in your life for Jesus. I believe you will, like me, be surprised that He has much to tell you, show you and restore in you. He is alive you know.

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For 25 years, Roy has actively pursued his passion for seeing creativity and the arts utilized to glorify God and to bring His church into deeper intimacy with Him. As a worship leader, sound and lighting curator and mentor, Roy has dedicated himself to developing both excellence of the heart (discipleship) and excellence of the art (musicianship) in the teams he leads while guiding others in the practical, emotional and spiritual journey as well. His vast experience developing, growing and shepherding teams and leaders has enabled him to serve throughout the country and internationally. Roy directs the Worship Mentor Network through Worship Foundations International, an organization that shares his heart for mentoring, encouraging and strengthening worship leaders, musicians and artists. Roy and his wife Chris and two amazing sons live in Carlsbad, CA. Follow Roy on Twitter @worshipmentor.