An Advent Reading


"The people walking on

through darkness

will be overcome by light

those who were locked in the shadow

of death

are released by light

you have increased the nation

not in numbers

but in the joy of rebirth

they are rejoicing in beautiful weather

in the fullness of light

in a full harvest

in the simple joy of a windfall

they are carrying home the inner prize

of a deep victory a sefless pride

like a liberation army coming home

an underground resistance coming out

their own home the spoil

openly yours

because you lifted the impenetrable lid

the selfish pride the manhole cover

the armor of all oppression

you have broken the iron grip

of repressed guilt

and we have broken through

in touch again

with the day at Midian

the original victory made new

the scrap of centuries peeled back

in the light of your presence."

Translation of Isaiah 9:1-7 from David Rosenberg's A Poet's Bible. For an in depth look at this passage see our Simple Advent Book.