Everyday Bread


- Jen Wise

It is possible to eat great and save money! A lot of people are turned off to healthier foods by the high prices often associated with them. Don’t give up! You can eat healthy while staying within your budget if you are willing to make it a priority.

One of the best ways to eat healthy and save money is by taking time to prepare your own foods. Buying healthy, natural and organic can be pricey – $7 for a small box of natural granola is steep! But if you swap out the prepackaged items for a cart full of whole food ingredients you’ll be able to make batch after batch for the same price.

To incorporate slow foods into your diet start small. Choose one food, one recipe, and give it a shot for a week or two. Make a simple batch of granola, grind up a jar of almond butter or bake a loaf of bread.Once you’ve tried it a few times you’ll be surprised how easily it becomes a natural part of your rhythm. From there you can add more foods into your routine.

Below is one of my favorite ‘slow’ recipes. It tastes every bit as good as a loaf of whole wheat bread from a high end bakery yet costs a fraction of the price. It’s quick and easy to make – no special baking skills required – so you can throw together a couple loaves in no time.

This recipe yields two loaves. We usually eat almost half a loaf straight away, hot from the oven… and the remaining loaf-and-a-half goes towards the week’s sandwiches, breakfasts, etc.

Give this bread a try even if you’re intimidated by the idea of working slow food into your schedule… you’ll find it’s easier than you think. Once you’ve made it a time or two it will be second nature to throw a few loaves in the oven without a thought.


Everyday Bread

¼ c. plus1 T. honey

¼ c. plus 2 ½ c. warm water

2 ½ t. active yeast (1 package)

2 c. oat flour*

4 ½ c. whole wheat flour

1 T. sea salt

1/3 c. unsalted butter, melted

Dissolve 1 T. honey into ¼ c. warm water. Sprinkle yeast on top and set aside. 

Combine oat flour, whole wheat flour and sea salt in the large bowl of a stand mixer. Mix in ¼ c. honey, 1/3 c. butter and 2 ½ c. warm water. Add the yeast mixture when it begins to bubble.

Switch your stand mixture attachment to the dough hook and let it run for 10 minutes. If you don’t have a dough hook, knead the dough on a lightly floured surface for ten minutes.

Divide into two greased pans and allow dough to rise. Once doubled in size, bake dough in a 350 degree oven for 25-30 minutes until golden brown. Cool bread completely on a rack before storing in an airtight bag.

*If you don’t have oat flour you can make it by pulsing oats in a food processor. If desired, you can also omit the oat flour and use 6 c. of whole wheat.

*You can see more full-sized pictures from this post by following this link... http://on.fb.me/omSkTE