Be Still (Printable Prayer Resource)


- Jen Wise

This prayer is helping me pray. Yes, that may not be a great sentence or even make that much sense for that matter... but this prayer is helping me pray.

This summer I read Everything Belongs by Richard Rohr. On page 62 Rohr describes this simple prayer exercise as something he often suggests to students learning the art of contemplative prayer.

Prayer is something that I've been thinking about quite a bit lately, more specifically what inhibits us from fully experiencing the presence of God in these moments.

In  this video Ian Cron mentions the "monkey mind" that is always going and gets in the way of our conversation or communion with God. For me, having 2 small kids, an iPhone that won’t quit and a clipping schedule of work, projects and engagements, creating the mental space to find the presence of God is no small feat.

Still, I know from experience that the busyness of life makes communing with the presence of God that much more imperative. I'm finding that deliberately breathing my way through this simple prayer helps tone down my "monkey mind" as I try to enter his presence in prayer.

This resource is designed to help you slow down, focus on God and rest in his presence. Follow the simple steps below to create your own mini prayer guides – small enough to tuck in your journal, stick on dashboard or put above your desk.

1. Download template 1 here.

2. Print the document onto a blank, 8X10 sheet of paper.

3. Affix post-it notes to the document, one inside each box.

4. Download template 2 here. 

5. Print the second doccument on the same sheet, now with post-it notes attached – be sure to insert paper correctly (upside down, sticky side of post-its entering first).

thumbnail 1.png
thumbnail 2.png

Jon Wise is the worship arts pastor at Eagle Brook Church. He has worked as a freelance creative director for a number of ministries and corporations around the country. You can view his work here. Follow him on twitter at jon_wise