Dinner Party


 - Jen Wise

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting a relaxed fall dinner. It was a night of savoring good food and growing friendships… and sitting out under a dark sky in the newly crisped air. 

I enjoy the prep work for an evening like this almost as much as I enjoy the night itself. While I’m mixing and chopping and whisking and roasting I have a sense of pouring myself out – offering my energy and time to nourish others. While I’m setting the table, arranging flowers and adding finishing touches I have a sense of tapping into the beauty around me, and the creativity inside of me – both God given. 


When the last guests have hugged goodbye our night isn’t quite over yet. Now comes the real work: clearing the table, stowing leftovers, rinsing dishes and eating a few last crumbs along the way. Honestly, I love this part.

Sure, I’m exhausted. It’s late and my kids will be up in the blink of an eye… but right now I’m in my kitchen with a husband that I love, cleaning and talking and laughing about the night. As I toss things in the recycling bin and he grabs a clean towel for the dishes, we are serving together. There isn’t much that brings people together in quite the same way.

When is the last time that you slowed down and relished an evening of creativity, friendship and service? How do you create warmth and show love to those who are welcomed into your home?

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